Sometimes love happens at first sight, even when you’re at an age where you can’t comprehend what it means.

It was just a crush. They were only kids, after all. But what happens when that feeling never goes away?

Brayden and Kira have been neighbors for years, and best friends since they met. They have a connection that is evident to many, and it’s haunted them their whole lives.

Teenage hormones rage, turning their friendship into something neither can handle. The attraction is carnal, all-consuming, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Brayden loses control.

Everything slams to a halt when their single parents decide to get remarried . . . to each other. Bad decisions and broken friendships make living across the hall from the one person you want above all difficult. Luckily for Brayden, it’s only for a few months before he’s off to college in another state, leaving Kira to face high school alone.

Brayden tries to stay away, to forget her, but it’s an impossible task he fails at time and time again. Kira is morphing from a sexy teenager to an irresistible woman, one that knows what she wants and seems hell-bent on getting it.

As Kira’s eighteenth birthday approaches, Brayden has a decision to make. Does he keep running away from the thing he wants the most or does he run toward it?

Is it possible to ever be happy without the one person you need?

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I miss her. Miss her so fucking much my heart hurts, but I have to stay away. Shouldn't that have stopped by now? Shouldn’t that all-consuming ache be less, not more?

There is a whole, whole lot I have to say about this book. All of it relevant to the overall reading experience. However, the most important point I can make is that Need turned out to be one of those books you simply can’t stop reading. No matter how frustrating both Kira and Brayden became as the plot progressed… my wanting to read this book, turned into needing to read this book. Fitting don’t you think?

Before I begin to express my thoughts on what I both loved and (maybe) hated about this book - I’ll give you a little run-down on what it’s all about.

Kira and Brayden have known each other for years. Since they were kids. They featured in each other’s lives through some of the biggest, happiest, craziest and saddest moments. They’ve always been drawn to each other in some way or another. When Kira is 15 and Brayden is almost 18 - they yet again share an experience that is both the most life altering and shocking. But this time around it happens to the both of them. From that moment on they can no longer be as ‘close’ as they had hoped. From then on out (for the next 3 years), their relationship and friendship is pulled through the ringer, torn to shreds, slowly stitched back together only to be shattered once more. There’s a lot of anger, tears, frustration and even hatred passed back and forth.

I have two sides pulling at me… I have the “reader in me” side - which is so in love with this book and pretty much wants to reread it very soon - And then i have the “reviewer in me” side that knows that even though I adored this read, there are a few details I should make mention of so that when you (the next reader of this book) goes into it… you'll know what to expect.

It’s important to remember that this is not a standalone read. This book is broken into two parts - with Need being the first installment. So don’t go into it believing that all will turn out okay in the end… because within this book (Need, Part 1)… there is no happily ever after for Kira and Brayden. - So that’s the first aspect you need to make note of before diving head-first into this. If you don’t know that this series is two part, you will be horribly upset when you reach the end of part 1.

Secondly, you may or may not care to know that even though Kira and Brayden are intensely attracted to one another - at the start Kira is only 15 and as the years go by - right until the end of this part - she’s basically still a minor. So even though as you read this book, you are slowly drawn into their connection… there are many parts within this book that may (or may not, depending on your stance regarding this) upset readers who aren’t willing to read about sexual interactions / fantasies between a 15 year old and an 18 year old. To me it bordered on too much, too young - but I simply tuned that all out. There are also many moments where I felt Kira was far to young to be behaving the way she does… I questioned the presence of her mother often. I wondered why Kira was allowed to behave and dress the way she does and her mother has no opinion. Often I found Kira’s language a little to adult and crude for both her age and because she's a female character. I felt that her ‘experiences’ were far more adult rather than that of a young adult, which is what she’s suppose to be. This may however, be the reason for the fact that in my head, they were both much older. It reads like a New Adult Romance but with Young Adult characters. This is something you must tune out when you go into this book. If you have issues with underage drinking, sexual situation and explicit language, then listen to me know… forget they are teenagers. Rather just breeze past that fact and ignore.

If you do this, then you will be blown away. This book is both electric and addictive. The main characters will be two of the best you will ever read. Both Kira and Brayden are so well developed, their history well plotted. I’m still struggling to move on from them.

I have previous experience with this writing duo. I’ve read works from both sides and have enjoyed what I’ve read. But let me just say (and I don’t mean any disrespect to either author when I say this) together… they are just so powerful. A Brilliant combination. I couldn’t tell where K.I. Lynn ended and N. Isabelle Blanco started. I have absolutely no idea how a writing duo works… how the dynamics come to work together… but I’m pretty sure it’s not always a smooth transition. However, in this book - NEED PART 1 - it was flawless. Blended well and each typical writing style complimented the other.

I’m so super impressed with this book. It’s not often I try out something new and find myself besotted. This is by far the edgiest book I’ve read all year - I adore it so much…. I don’t even want to get going on the little snippet I got at the end (which was actually a preview for Need part 2) - that, that…. is going to drive me insane, I already know that much from the little bit of insight I received.

As a whole this book is a 5 star read for me. Even with all my frustrations and pains I had towards both Kira and Braydon… I’m a fan. A huge fan girl. If this duo continues to produce more of these kinds of reads, just take down my name because I’ll read anything they put down in front of me.

So do you Want to know how Need came to be? How did K.I. Lynn and N. Isabelle Blanco become a writing duo?
Well here’s how…

Well, it started a long time ago (early 2012), in a Twilight galaxy far far away, when two kinky girls decided to write a piece for a contest. The piece was only eleven thousand words, the maximum for the contest, and titled Need. It was the tale of forbidden lust and romance between step-siblings.

We knew back then Need was much more than an eleven thousand word story, so at the end of 2013 we decided to take the idea of that short story and write a book the way it begged to be told.

As we wrote this new tale, the story of Brayden and Kira grew and grew, forcing our original projected word count further and further out. When we reached the halfway point we realized there was no way to fit the whole story into one book, so the hard decision to create a two part series was made.

We don’t want people to wait long for part two. Take (Need part 2) has an estimated release of summer 2015.

Rating: 5 Stars! & A 2015 Favorite!

RELEASE DATE: March 3rd, 2015
GENRE: New Adult Romance 




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  1. Oh wow! This one sounds fantastic! I don't get easily offended with those situations you spoke of so I think I'd like this one! I added it to my TBR but I think I'll wait to read it until the next part is out. I've been getting bogged down with cliffhangers lately :(
    Great review!