A man whose lifestyle is so different from her own…

Nic Dalton’s cupcake bakery is thriving. She serves both rock stars and locals alike, content with her growing business. But one adventurous night out with her best friend, Bailey, turns her life upside down. She meets a handsome stranger who makes her skin sizzle and her heart race. Their one night together is explosive and unexpected, but when he has to suddenly leave without taking her phone number, Nic resigns herself to never seeing him again.

…What will it take to trust and submit to his every desire?

Matt Montgomery is one of Seattle’s finest. He works hard, loves and protects his family fiercely, and is loyal almost to a fault.

And he has a penchant for bondage.

Matt enjoys the way a woman looks wrapped up in his ropes, and makes no apologies for his preferences. When he meets Nic at a fetish festival, the small, beautiful woman catches his eye, drawing him to her. His one night with her was everything he’s ever looked for in a partner, but is cut short because of a family emergency. Even before he sees her again weeks later, he knows he’ll never get her out of his system.

And he’ll do whatever it takes to make her his.

“Give in to this, Nic. Let me prove to you that I will be one of the best decisions you ever make.” –Matt Montgomery

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With the release of the previous book in this series - Safe With Me... I was just as excited as I was with the release of all the previous books in this series. I mean look at the track record Kristen Proby and the With Me in Seattle Series has when it comes to my reviews and opinions. 5 Star ratings all the way... except for Safe With Me that took a huge nose dive and only landed a 3.5 Star rating from me. It killed me to give that rating out but for whatever reason it just wasn't perfect. Not close to the previous books at all.

So I was hesitant to get Tied With Me. My views on this series had changed a little. Something in the writing style and usual sexiness had kind of died. So I didn't freak out while I waited for Tied To Me to become available. I was really just patient and kept busy doing other random things in the meantime.

Now that I've read it and experience the 6th installment of this series Tied With Me... I can cry with joy that my darling KP is back to her usual self... and again she's packed her book to the brim with all the fun, sexy and heart-stopping moments.

Tied With Me is only slightly different to the previous books in this series. It's kinky-er, the character connection is far more deeper. The realness of the tale is by far, far more believable and there's just something about this book that clicks. And clicks deep within.

I wasn't very well acquainted with Matt before this book. Yes he made small appearances in the previous books but the idea I had of him from Safe With Me was doing him any justice. He is by far the hottest of the Montgomery Brothers - As far as I'm concerned. On the one hand he's pure alpha. And on the other's he's so sweet, honest and his emotions run deep. So he's the best of both. Perfect.

Matt would be the main pull factor in this book. And the best of all was I believed every single moment. No cheese, no fluff... just undiluted steam that will have your e-readers screen all foggy.

There were moments where I compared this book to Fifty Shades... Not something I was all that acceptable of, but I putting that down to the fact that it includes BDSM. I'm not really into the whole BDSM fold so I'm guessing there's only so much you can do without adding a few scenes that can be compared to previous BDSM books. What I did love most about this though was the fact that it was tasteful. Not at all vulgar or cringe-y. It's the perfect book for those who love a little erotica but only when it's done in style and with a little tact.

As much as I loved Matt (and I really loved that man)... I'm on the fence about Nic (Nicole). Although I loved them as a couple and I thought they were great together, they had an awesome connection... I'm not sure if she's entirely 'all-there'. Her lack of confidence bugged me. At first it was acceptable, but later became annoying. The fact that she'd use a somewhat (in my opinion) silly reason and then blow it all out of proportion - just to give a reason as to why she and Matt just wouldn't work out... really had me throwing my hands up in the air. If anything, I thought that Matt ended up doing most of the work in their relationship and that's not really acceptable. There were moments (many) where I thought that Matt loved her or wanted to be with her more than she wanted. I got the impression that Matt was the one carrying their relationship and that absolutely didn't sit well with me. In fact, even after I've completed the book... I still feel the same way. If you were to ask me where I saw them in 5 years from now... I'd say that Matt realized that Nic wasn't as invested in their relationship as he was and probably left her for someone else.

- I know it sounds kind of odd that I'd say that, but that's honestly how I see them as a couple.

Another aspect of this book that I wasn't to happy about (& Again it's from Nicole's side) is that obviously there's something up with Nic's family and her bond with them. There's a reason there and it's something we don't get to explore. Which was kind of strange and the fact that I'm mentioning it means that there's enough in this book relating to her family that would make me question and wonder about it.

The epilogue isn't near enough to consider it any insight into 'what happened later'. It's only two months after and really isn't a big deal as far as I'm concerned. If it were left out entirely, I wouldn't have missed anything. It was one of the first moments in this book where I began to label it with a similar opinion as I had / have about Safe With Me.

As a whole this book is a great read. It's sexy, emotionally fulfilling and a beautiful story. But in all honestly it pales in comparison to the first 4 books in this series. But it's far, far better than the fifth book - Safe With Me and looking on the bright side, that's good news.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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RELEASE DATE: March 18th, 2013
GENRE: Adult Romance / Erotic Romance

PUBLISHER: Ampersand Publishing


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