Accept Me by J.L. Mac
For the first time in her life, 25-year-old Josephine Geroux has a future worth looking forward to. She has her beloved bookstore, she has all the comforts that money can buy, she has found the love of her life, and most importantly, she has found hope where there was none for 16 long years.

After the tragic deaths of her parents and her troubled life as an orphan, she met Damon Cole, a man who has everything to do with it all. He’s part of the reason for her wrecked life, but he’s also the reason that her heart has been restored. He’s her future and the exact reason that she’s so willing to fight the demons from his past that threaten the very future that she so desperately seeks.

In the final book of the Wrecked series, Jo is confronted with a turbulent history that has her negotiating the twists and turns that end up being far more difficult to handle than she ever could have anticipated. Jo’s relationship with enigmatic Damon is delicate at best, especially after she inadvertently discovers details about his life that may have been better left buried.

Since Damon’s dark past has remained hidden for so long, Jo’s investigation puts her dangerously close to jeopardizing her already fragile relationship with the man she loves.

Jo has a promising future at her fingertips; she must decide if revealing the truth to Damon is a gamble she’s willing to take. With so much at stake, acceptance proves to be Jo’s greatest battle to date.

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I'm going to be brutally honest here... this is not what I was expecting at all. Nothing like the first two books... even the characters felt different. It was the strangest experience for me. Like I knew who was who and what went for what, but it felt more like an out-of-body experience where I was reading about them through someone else (& not the author's) eyes. It sounds crazy, I know... but I kept wondering if J.L. Mac actually wrote this book herself. My first thought when I got to 30% was 'hang on... is this the right book?' then once I'd checked to see I was indeed reading the correct book my thoughts went to confused. Utterly confused. Then shock.

The first half of the book wasn't even focused around Damon and Jo much. It went around Grams and Noni (the lady who works at Jo's bookstore) and I couldn't help but come to the conclusion that this was all done up to make the book feel longer... which, BTW isn't saying much since the entire book took me 2 hours to read - shocking! It wasn't a full novel at all. In fact this book could really just have been added to Restore Me, ending this series at two instead of three books and call it a day. It wasn't worth an entire book on its own - that's how little is actually added here. There 147 pages that make up Accept Me is honestly just not worth a whole new book. Sad. But very true.

What makes matters worse for me, is that I was a huge cheerleader of both Wreck Me & Restore Me. Again a series (or trilogy rather) ends in a manner that it just didn't need to. It felt half written, disjointed and honestly undeserving of a 5 star rating.

We get very, very little of Damon and Jo together. Majority of the time they are apart. Most of the time the focus is on something other than their actual relationship and I'm hugely disappointed in the outcome of this book. Not only are they not together often - 40% of the book is about them actually being broken up. Damon's a real dick towards Jo and at the very end of the book it all tries to come back together but fails miserably! Damon spends about thirty pages ripping Jo apart and then one paragraph explaining his actions to her and trying to get her back. This doesn't work for me. Not at all. He kind of lost me as a fan at that point. Even his reasons for his behavior is silly. But Jo just sucks it all in a melts... back into his arms... Really? She wasn't the determined, spirited woman we meet in book one. She was someone else. Both of them were... Impostors!

I'm not sure what the reason for the turn of event is but all I'm saying is that don't expect much of what you are probably expecting and don't hold your breathe to be blown away by this one. It's not gonna happen. Truth be told this book probably deserves less than a 4 star rating, but I'll give the score to the writing and overall effect that - when the going was good... it was pretty cool. But as a whole this tale doesn't deserve much more than maybe 3 stars for the uniqueness of the plot.  It's been done before. More than once and if I had even the slightest interest in doing so, I might actually be able to do some homework and name a handful of books that are exactly the same (plot wise) as this one was. But I couldn't really care to invest anymore time on Accept Me. Thank God it was only a 2 hour read in the first place or else we'd have bigger issues on our hands than me just being peeved at the end result.

I guess I should have know since this book doesn't have a sexy couple on the front. I should of known.

4 Stars for the writing style. Even though it was a sucky book overall - it was pleasant enough to actually read.

3 Stars for the actual plot, storyline and turn of events that left me questioning if I actually read Wreck Me & Restore Me correctly.

1 Star for the amount of steam present in this (as per the first two books) 'adult erotic type romance'!

Overall Series Rating: I'll go with a 4 just because I had my heart ripped out when I got handed a poor, over-played and inconsistent conclusion for this series.

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Accept Me by J.L. Mac

RELEASE DATE: January 10th, 2014
GENRE: Erotic Romance / Adult Romance



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