Sarah has spent the last six years running from some pretty determined wolves. A born Alpha, and a fierce fighter, she has managed to thwart the best efforts of the neighboring packs in their attempts to force a mating with their current Alphas. She is determined to live her life the way she wants—free—and has fought her way to freedom more times than she should have had to. All she’s ever wanted was the chance to find her one true mate and settle down outside of the hierarchy bullshit of Pack life. If that means she has to do so by staying one step ahead of her pursuers, until she finds that man, then that’s just what she’ll do. The only problem now is that her years of running have forced her to trust no one… until she meets Erik.

Erik is a lone wolf himself, but offers his help when an injury befalls the lovely she-wolf he discovers on his property. Attraction sparks and he soon realizes—much to his own surprise—that she is his destined mate.

Shortly after deciding to give the whole thing a trial run, their mutual attraction overwhelms them, but danger is still stalking her, and Erik is determined to find a way to keep her safe.

Now, can Erik convince Sarah that they belong together and tame her wilder side enough to claim her as his own?


To Tame His Mate is one of those books I'm torn about. I'm not torn between whether is was any good or not... I'm torn about whether this book was a really lame attempt to a paranormal romance or if it was just a lame attempt. The reason for this is because there is nothing special that takes place in this book. Or at the very least, let me say that there is no central point within this book that made me take notice. Not. At. All. Not even for a moment.

It has a promising beginning, a boring middle and concludes with a rather dull ending. No shock, gasp or awe at all. In fact, this book appears to be rather one dimensional.

Of course if you are a paranormal romance lover, you'll probably somewhat enjoy it... But... (and God knows I love these kinds of books and in particular wolf shifter / Alpha wolves)... I found To Tame His Mate just not good enough to be considered against other books in this genre. The supposed alpha wolf, Erik... is no Alpha (not of any kind), he holds none of the fiercely possessive traits we come to expect and love the most from these type of romance novels. His boring, way to compliant and quite honestly - he lacks any kind of backbone at all.

I found Sarah the worst though. She was so irritating. OMF!

I felt as if this book was originally planned out with the intention of being a great read, but every aspect of this book was written as fast as it could be done which only resulted in offering us a bland and rather annoying read. A lot takes place here... but it all just occurs as if by mentioning that something happened, the author thought we could use our imaginations to fill the blanks... which (correct me if I'm wrong here) is not the way it should be. We should be getting the colorful, vivid images from the fictional world the author creates and with that we allow our imagination to run amok. I tried to picture way to many scenarios while I read this and that was just wrong. It's not my job as the reader to make up the images, fill in the blanks or create a world for my mind to live in while I'm reading. It's the job of the author to provide us with these and we as readers can take it from there and just experience the wonder of reading.

I know it's not nice to read a bad review and believe me I'd much rather be writing a praising review instead, but really now... here we have a book about a hot... no, scratch that... it's actually two hot alpha males which are wolf shifters and then an alpha female wolf shifter and a human girl... but it's like a black and white movie... Something is just not right over here. This (should have been) is the perfect recipe for hot, steamy, adventurous and emotional... Am I right?

Another aspect about this book that I just couldn't get is that it is in fact two books in one. We start off with one couple and their meet... then hello another hot alpha appears and moments later a human girl and suddenly we have one romance occurring and every other page another one is blooming, POV are switching, scenes are jumping... I found this totally off-putting. I mean, why do we have to read about two sets of couples when this book is suppose to be about the one and the next book is apparently about the other two and their tale. I think the author either got bored with the story, then maybe the other two characters interested her more, so she went that route... or maybe she didn't plot out this book at all. She just went with it and yes, sometimes just putting pen to paper turns out to be awesome-ness... but other times it makes your story feel patched together. Which is the case here. This book was written to fill up pages and not to relay a fictional romance. This book ended on page 20. I would have called it a at that point. That was the last time I felt any interest at all in reading To Tame His Mate.

It's important for an author to remember that even if the book makes sense in your head... It doesn't necessarily mean that we as reader are gonna get it. Because... hell... I've read hundreds of books and I'm a pretty smart apple but even me... a graphic designer who creates interesting images from scratch on a daily basis, couldn't pull together images to try and brighten my reading experience. I believe that's the main problem here... the lack of imagination this book offers us. It's a good plot but it's one dimensional. The characters felt like paperdolls and try as I might, I just couldn't conjure them up in my mind at all.

The only image I did get was when Abraham arrived at the fair in his biker clothes... Now don't get excited... because even wearing the whole get-up... the image I got during that experience has really not done any good to my biker boy daydreams. It was just wrong.

I guess you can say I wasn't a huge fan of this book. I have loads more I can go into but I think I've already crushed someone a little to much for one night - I should stop. And I will.

The bottom line is that I think with a little more nurture, time, attention, better plotting - essentially going back to the drawing board - this book could become an epic read. It holds the promise of more, but unfortunately fails to deliver. There are much better paranormal romances currently available and it's sad that I have to say that but it's unfortunately the God's honest truth.

Rating: 3 Stars

RELEASE DATE: July 10th, 2013
GENRE: Erotic / Adult Paranormal Romance

ISIN: 1607356813 


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